wondering what it's like to work together?

mostly its a whole lot of fun mixed with some hard work, a deep dive into your vision, your purpose + your business + a really supportive partnership

Together, we got this.

We'll work together over a 4-6 week period to create the website of your dreams that beautifully showcases who you are and all the magic that you're up to.

our experience involves:

1. DISCOVERY + MANIFESTATION—where I learn about your vision, desires, fears + hopes; includes a discovery call, thoughtful worksheets, manifesting + a little Pinterest board fun, too!

2. CURATION— crafting your website copy with me by your side!

3. DESIGN— collaborative design + edits

4. LAUNCH— design tutorial + resources included

5. FOLLOW-UP— free 30 minute call to go over questions + tweaks after you've had time to explore your beautiful new site

6. PARTYYY! YOU freaking did it! We transition from client + designer to friends fo life

Let's work Together!

 design aesthetic is

clean, modern

 playful, unique


and most of all,      you!

my design aesthetic is

a completely bespoke website built from the ground up based on YOUR unique vision, core values and brand

one-on-one support, guidance + design by ME! I take on a select number of clients per year to make sure that I can give my full attention to YOU

custom branding kit including color palette, font choices, design elements + a simple text logo




gimme the goods, Lo!

AKA: What are you actually getting by working with me and what sets Lo Manifesting Magic apart from other designers?

the tangible + not so tangible

a website that works when you're not (aka give yourself an afternoon off!)

newfound confidence in your biz + the ability to charge what you're worth (finally!!)

high paying dream clients that are stoked as hell to work with you

digital representation that is authentic to your unique personality

a hypewoman cheering you on along the way + even after we're thru!

Investment: $7250

zero interest payment plans available

book your free consult call!

and how will this change my life?

and what sets Lo Manifesting Magic apart from other designers?

- I studied psychology and art—giving me a keen eye for design + a deep understanding of humans

- I'm a one woman show, taking on a select amount of clients per year aka you get my full attention during the experience

- My designs are based on emotion, not just aesthetics. We make 93% of our decisions based on emotion, don't you think your website should reflect that?

- I don't sell templates or pre-made designs— your design is uniquely yours, every time

TL;DR: working with me will revolutionize your business. You owe it to yourself to have a website that honors you and your unique gifts. Bespoke website packages are $7250 with payment plans available. I can't wait to work together! 

As an openly gay woman, I recognize that the rights I have today are because of the black trans womxn that came before me and I support BLM, LGBTQ+ rights and all those fighting for justice.  If our values are not aligned, I suggest you find a different designer. If we share these values, HOORAY, I'm stoked to work with you! 

On a personal note