Thank you so much for stopping by. In case nobody has told you lately, I'm really proud of you. You're putting in the hard work, and it shows.

Together, we got this.

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I see you for who you really are—a radiant, beautiful, majestic womxn. I want everyone else to see that, too!

Together, we'll co-create a magical online home for you where you feel seen, heard, and understood by your visitors. Because when visitors feel you they buy from you. 

And I want you to be as

                         as you are passionate. 

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wildly successful

As a psychology and art major, I have a deep passion for people and a great love for design. I'm a conceptual and curious thinker, constant rule-bender, and forever experimenter with new concepts. I'm always asking 'why?' and throwing myself full speed ahead into projects with a playful and joyous heart. 

My design aesthetic can be summed up into these 4 words: 





I take the time to get to know *you* — both who you are and who you're here to be. All of that personality gets wrapped up into a beautiful, functional website that's custom-made just for you. This is a website you can finally be proud of. I'M IN, ARE YOU?

Let's fucking do this!


to love myself + to love other people— I even have a tattoo about it

my purpose


my core values are at the heart of all that I do + all that I am

my values







I only drink decaf coffee—and no, there's nothing wrong with me

are you crazy?


I'm currently living in Amsterdam although who know's where I'll be next—like I said, always down for an adventure

where in the world is Lo?

other ideas include:



san diego



my hair color has been everything under the sun, but my favorite is P I N K

unicorns unite!


the concept for Lo Manifesting Magic has the unlikeliest of starts, at Harry Potter Studios, London 

how did I get here?

Feel free to ask me

about it 


or read on


get to know me

My promise to you

I will listen to you,
believe in you,
hype you up,
and collaborate with you
to create a beautiful space for you that showcases your authentic personality and talents.


Curious about how 

Lo Manifesting Magic came to be?

I was a manager at lululemon, drained from the 9-5 and ready to create my own destiny, instead of having it written for me. One day I knew it was time so I quit. I decided to backpack around Europe with my wife and trust that the Universe had a plan for me.

So, picture this—I'm halfway across the world at Harry Potter Studios London when a friend suggests that I should start designing websites for healers. And in that single moment, everything changed. 

I spent the 45 minute bus ride back to her house furiously typing as quick as my thumbs could go. I wrote almost my entire business plan, messaging, and instagram bio. This was IT. The thing I had been waiting for. A career that would allow me to marry my passion for people and love of great design into a future that I would write.

Of course it hasn't been all sunshine rainbows since then, but tbh, its been SO rewarding. I've already had the opportunity to work with such amazing womxn and can't wait to see what the future has in store!

As an openly gay woman, I recognize that the rights I have today are because of the black trans womxn that came before me and I support BLM, LGBTQ+ rights and all those fighting for justice.  If our values are not aligned, I suggest you find a different designer. If we share these values, HOORAY, I'm stoked to work with you! 

On a personal note